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A collision cart runs off the edge of a lab table that is 0.95 meters high. How fast did the collision cart leave the table and hit the floor when the cart lands 0.40 meters from the base of the table?

Answers 0.91 m/s, 4.41 m/s

  • Physics -

    x = vx*t
    y = 0.95 - 1/2*g*t^2

    where x is the displacement in the horizontal direction, y is the displacement in the vertical direction, and t is time, vx is the speed of the cart in the x direction, and g is the acceleration due to gravity = 9.8

    At it's landing, x = 0.4, y = 0:

    0.4 = vx*t
    0 = 0.95 - 1/2*9.8*t^2

    t = 0.44 s s
    vx = 0.91 m/s

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