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6. Which one of the following statements about chemical bonding is not correct?
a) Ionic bonding occurs when one atom donates electrons to another.
b) When atoms bond, the resulting compound is of a lower energy state than that of the combining atoms.
c) A covalent bond forms when two electrons are shared between two atoms.
d) Aromatic bonding occurs in benzene.
e) Hydrogen bonding between the hydrogen atoms of different molecules.

Is it E?

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    That's what I would choose although I've never heard of the term aromatic bonding for benzene.

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    What volume of a 0.5 M solution is required to prepare 250 mL of a 0.15M solution? (Note: M = mole per Litre)

    Is 175ml correct?

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    It is best to post new questions as a new post. I've answered this one elsewhere.

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