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assuming the reaction goes to completion, determine the final concentration of NH4Cl in the calorimeter.

NH4Cl(s)+ H2O(l)-> NH4Cl(aq)
concentration of NH4Cl is 1.00M
its specific heat is 3.93 and density is g/ml.

note: the exact same question was asked for a previous problem with the equation of:

NH3(aq) +HCl(aq) -> NH4Cl(aq)

So how do I differentiate between the two, what do i do differently?

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    I recommend you repost as a new question and type the exact question. You've omitted the density from this post and I suspect a number of other essentials.
    This post states the concn of NH4Cl solution is 1.00 M

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    i dokt know

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