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U.s. history

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3. The members of the Niagara Movement denounced Booker T. Washington’s advocacy of
-gradual progress for African Americans.
-immediate social equality for African Americans.
-racial segregation of public schools.
-African Americans running for national office.

5. The Federal Reserve Act placed national banks under the control of the
-Treasury Department.
-Federal Reserve Board.
-Federal Trade Commission.
-Interstate Commerce Commission.

6. One reason powerful nations rushed to grab colonies in the 1800s was the desire
-for raw materials and natural resources located abroad.
-to learn about manufacturing practices in weaker nations.
-for new military allies in Africa and Asia.
-to import educated workers from poorer nations.

8. Sensational headlines and pictures were characteristic of the
-newspapers owned by Matthew Perry.
-Yellow Press.
-newspapers owned by Gifford Pinchot.
-Great White Press.

10. The Open Door policy was an assertion of America’s
-interest in trade with Japan.
-desire that all western powers leave China.
-interest in trade with Europe.
-desire for free trade with China.

11. American support for the Panamanian rebels’ fight against Colombia
-was provided despite the opposition of France.
-helped make construction of the Panama Canal possible.
-brought an end to Spanish influence in Columbia
-violated the terms of the platt amendment.

If anyone can answer any of these please DO!!!!!!! I've deleted ones I knew. So these are the ones I had trouble with.

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