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I am reading short stories right now in english. My teacher has gave me a question for this story:

what are 2 main types of conflict in the story? explain the source of each type.
conflist= oppostion of 2 forces
character vs character
character vs nature/society
charater vs self
i figured out the 2 types of conflict but i don't understand how to get the source. please help my on the how to get the source part.. thanks:)

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    i need help on how to get the source. please help me:)

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    The source is what caused the conflict. Who or what is involved in it?

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    um so i would write:
    sarah vs sally or sarah vs school something like that or would i need to put in more detail?
    how would i write what caused it?

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    I'd put in more detail. If the conflict is Sarah vs. Sally, explain what that conflict is.

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    its character vs character but how would i say what caused it?

  • English 9 MS. SUE -

    the conflict is character vs charcater

    how would i say what caused it?

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    See my response to your later question.

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