English 8R - Homework Check - Part 2

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Here's the second one:

Please check to see if there any grammar errors and if it's good.

BTW ---- If you NEVER heard of the movie Google it and read about it on Wikipedia.

Urban Unit 2012 - Stand and Deliver Response

Would you be willing to give up your mornings, afternoons, and weekends, and a good part of your summer to prove to yourself that you could pass a test? To the students in the class, was this just a test or was it something more?

I'm willing to give up my mornings, afternoons, and weekends, and a good part of my summer to prove to myself that I could pass a test, if it's a big test, something really important. If it's not important then I'm not going to waste my time. To the students in the class, it's not just a test, it was something more. They're taking an AP exam. Colleges they apply will be seeing their test scores to see if they understand the concept they are learning.

  • English 8R - Homework Check - Part 2 -

    Also -- students who pass an AP test get college credit for that class.

    I don't see any grammatical mistakes. :-)

  • English 8R - Homework Check - Part 2 -

    Wouldn't it depend on what you are giving up? You are not giving up "summer", You are giving up other things, such as activities. Would you give up a world cruise? Would you give up a trip to Europe with your girl scout troop?

    I would explore what giving up a Summer means. If you are giving up cartoons, and sleeping to noon, that is quite different from a giving up a great adventure.

  • English 8R - Homework Check - Part 2 -

    You have a point bobpursley

    and thanks for that extra detail Ms. Sue

    thank you soo much! :)

  • English 8R - Homework Check - Part 2 -

    You're very welcome.

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