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The Congress of the United States signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Find the difference in years between the year that the Congress signed this document and the year that you were born.
I was born 2003.
Is this right?

y - 1776 = 2003

or 2003 - 1176 = y

6th grade math. Equation help.

Or ? Please help??

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    You can easily estimate that the difference is a little over 200 years.

    Which process will produce that answer?

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    I'm suppose to create my own equation like the one I showed you above. Is the first one right? It is solving subtraction equations where I add or subtract each side to undo the subtraction. Does this make sense?
    So if I were to say y + 1776 = 2003 this would be the right way right?

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    y + 1776 -1776 = 2003 - 1776
    y = 227

    y + 1776 = 2003
    227 + 1776 = 2003
    2003 = 2003 Checked

    But how is this correct true?

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    Yes, you're right.

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