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Hello! say i got 54 out of 75 points on a test... what would my grade be (A,B,C,D,or a F). thanks!

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    Depends on the grading scale, ie, what an A is, a B, a C , so forth.
    54/75= 72 percent.

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    Under some grading systems, it's a D; on others it's a C-.

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    72% = C

    To figure this out, divide the number of answers you got correct (54) by the total answers (75).
    So, 54 divided by 75 is equal to 72%
    72% is equal to a C.

    A: 90% or higher
    B:80% to 90%
    C: 70% to 80%
    D: 60% to 70%
    F: 50% to 60% and 50% and below

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