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The question is:
Kelly wants to center the rug in her living room.
The rug is 8 3/4 feet wide. The total width of her
Living room is 12 1/2 feet. How far from each
Wall of her living room should she place her rug?

I did 12 1/2 divided by 8 3/4
So 12 2/4 divided by 8 3/4
50/4 divided by 35/4
1 3/7
So the rug should be 1 3/7 away from each wall
Is this correct ? If not can you please explain
Thank you

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    Try subtracting as your first step.

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    If you subtract and divide by 2 will the answer be
    1 7/8

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    Thank you

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    You're welcome.

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