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A hummingbird flies 1.6 m along a straight
path at a height of 5.4 m above the ground. Upon spotting a flower below, the hummingbird drops directly downward 2.4 m to hover in front of the flower.

A.) What is the magnitude of the hummingbird’s total displacement? Answer in units of m

B.)How many degrees below the horizontal is this total displacement? Answer in units of ◦

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    A. D^2 = X^2 + Y^2.
    D^2 = (1.6)^2 + (-2.4)^2 = 8.32
    D = 2.88 m.

    B. tanA = Y/X = -2.4/1.6 = -1.5
    A = -56.3o = 56.3o below the hor.

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