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Hey I have the write the sentences in passiv. But I do not really be good in passiv... can anybody check and may axplain what passiv is?

The extent of the flood-damage has surprised everyone.
-> Everyone was surprised by the extent of the flood - damage.

2. Someone used a counterfeit key to open the security door.
-> A counterfit key was used to open the security door, by someone

3. The freezing conditions put off many would-be shoppers
-> Many would-be shoppers are put off.

4. Someone used a brick to smash the window.
-> A brick was used to smash the window.

5. The high cost of gas and elictricity is hitting some families hard.
->Some families are being hit hard by the high cost of gas and elicticity.

6. The force of the explosion blew in the windows on nearby buildings.
-> The windows on nearby builindings was forced by the explosion.

7. The high winds damaged several buildings.
-> Several buildings was damaged by the high winds.

8. Somebody used a blunt instrument to hit the security guard on the head.
-> The security guard was hit on the head with a blunt instrument.

9. The unusually high tide completely washed away the sea wall.
-> The sea wall was completely wasted away.

  • english -

    1. OK

    2. Delete the comma.

    3. OK, but unfinished.

    4. OK

    5. OK

    6. Rethink

    7. Rethink

    8. OK

    9. Rethink

    Rethink = read these aloud and make corrections.

  • english -

    ok, I correct the sentences.

    3. Many would-be shoppers are put off by the freezing conditions.

    6. The windows on nearby buildings were blew by the force of the explosion

    7. Several buildings were damaged by the high winds

    9. The sea wall was completely washed away by unusally high tide.

    Is it so better??

  • english -

    All are OK except #6.

    "windows ... were blew ... " = ????

  • english -

    sorry, but I don't know what to change... can you give me a hint?

  • english -

    The past participle of blow is blown.

    The windows were blown by the force . . .

  • english -

    I'm so stupid, so it will be:

    The windows on nearby buildings were blown by the force of the explosion.

    I just forgotten that the past form of blew is blown...
    Thank you both!

  • english -

    You're not stupid! I believe your first language is not English, right?

  • english -

    Yes, my first language is German.
    But I want study english.. so I think this was a beginner fault...

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