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The distance btwn two stations A and B is 230km.two motrcyclst start simultaneously frm A & B in opposite directn and the distance btwn them aftr 3hour bcm 20km.if the speed of one motorcyclst is 10km hr les thn that of the other,find the speed of the two motorcyclsts

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    4o nd 30
    km/hr is ans plz help to gve dis qustn sltn

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    Let Faster Speed be - X+10 km/hr
    and slower-X km/hr
    In three hour they covered 230-20=210 km
    as we know
    Time ×Speed(Relative speed) = distance
    3(X +X +10)=210
    by solving X=30KM/hr
    X+10= 40
    ans is 40 km/hr and 30 km/hr.


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