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General Chemistry.

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The absorbance of a chlorophyll a standard solution in ethanol (density = 0.785 g/mL) is measured in
a 1.3 cm cuvette or path length. The absorbance is 0.765 and the molar absorptivity coefficient is 86,300 M–1cm–1.
The molecular weight for chlorophyll a is 893.49 g/mol.

What is the concentration of the solution in ppm?

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    A= ebc
    0.765 = 86,300*1.3*c
    Solve for c = approximately 7E-6 Molar = mols/L soln.
    g = 7E-6*893.49 = about 0.006 g chlorophyll/L soln.
    1000 x 0.785 = 785 g ethanol.
    Concn = about 0.006g chlorophyll/785 g soln.
    Change that to ppm. The easy way to do that is (0.006/785)*1E6 = ?
    Check my work carefully.

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