English 8R - Reflections help!!!!

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I can't think of a topic to write for the Reflections

This is not an English assignment and plus the deadline is 11/14/12, I just want to write the essay.

I'm already doing visual arts but I want to try the literature

the theme is "The Magic of a Moment"

I already finish my art work (later on I'm going to post my art statement to see if it's good).

  • English 8R - Reflections help!!!! -

    The Magic of the Moment -- what does that mean to you?

    We already discussed this idea in mid-August.


  • English 8R - Reflections help!!!! -

    well for the artwork I draw a girl looking at her report card and in her report card it have all A's

    I need something different from my artwork for the literature

    but I'll try to think of something

  • English 8R - Reflections help!!!! -

    got one!

    suddenly I understand a math concept that's puzzled me for days

    well that was your idea since we discuss this back in august

    anyways for the first paragraph I write about what is the magic of a moment then in the body I explain about "my" magic of a moment and for conclusion I can just wrap it up

    now all I need is a title

    any suggestions???

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