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Gerry earns $0.60 for every canned drink he sells. He earns an extra bonus of $5 for every 20 cans he sells. How many cans does he sell if he earns $53.40?

Kevin and Janet had 480 books in total. After Kevin gave 1/9 of his books to Janet, they had an equal number of books. How many books did Kevin have at first?

There were 99 beads in Box A and Box B. 2/3 of the beads in Box A were red and the rest were blue. 3/5 of the beads in Box B were red and the rest were blue. The number of blue beads in Box A and Box B was the same. How many red beads were there altogether?

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    Here is how I cam up with the answer for your math problem. First you take the .60 and multiply it by 20. Which is 12. Now he gets the 5 dollar bonus which brings it to 17. Now I multiplied the 17 by 2. Which is 34 dollars and 40 cans. So now I go back and see that 20 cans gets me 17 dollars so I add 20 more cans for a total of 51 dollars. Now all I did after that was multiple .6 by a number till I figured out that 4 x .6 was 2.40

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    So you need 64 cans to make $53.40

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