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Can some one help me with this question.

A uniform 119.0 cm long, 78.0 gram wooden rod is suspended from it midpoint. On one end of the rod, a mass of 350 g is attached, and on the other end a mass of 150 g is attached. A third mass of 225 g is attached at some distance x from the midpoint such that the rod does not rotate. Assume all of the masses hang perpendicular to the rod. Determine the distance x in cm.

I have tried torque 350g = T225 +T150 to solve but I am not getting the right answer.

Thank you for your help!

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    I do dot see any mention of lever arms, the fact that the center is at 59.5 cm from the ends, nor the distance x is your equation. What is T supposed to mean? I am not surprised you are getting the wrong answer.

    The mass of the rod will not matter since it is suspended at its center of mass.
    350*59.5 = 150*59.5 + x*225
    Solve for x, which is measured to the right of center.

    g has been cancelled out

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