English 8R - Homework Check (plzzzz read)

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Is my summary good??? (The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot)

Mia Thermopolis is an average urban ninth grader. She lives in Greenwich Village with a single, liberal mom who is a semi-famous painter. The most exciting things she ever dreams about are kissing senior Josh Richter and passing Algebra. Mia's dad comes to town and drops a major bomb: he's not just a European politician as he's always led her to believe, but actually the prince of a small country. Mia, is now considered the crown princess of Genovia.
Mia's troubles are worsened: her mom has started dating her algebra teacher, the paparazzi are showing up at school, and she has a fight with her best friend Lilly, after this they don't talk for a while so they become distant from each other. Mia goes to her Grandmère's Plaza Hotel room in order to train to be a princess and she starts to develop into a great princess. Throughout story Mia also makes another friend named Tina, who is shunned because of her overprotective father, who makes her have a body guard. In addition, since everyone at the school knows that she's a princess, Josh Richter broke up with Lana Weinberger and ask Mia to the school's dance.
At the end of the story, Mia broke up with Josh because he used her. He only ask her out so he could get his picture in the paper (cover of the Post). He's the one who notified the press that she will be at the dance tonight. He probably only broke up with Lana just so he could tell his friends he's dating a girl worth three hundred million dollars. He never notice her until her picture was on the cover of the Post. In addition, Mia and Lilly made up because Lilly realize that she can be controlling sometimes and was sorry for laughing at Mia's hair, and she says she's going to stop telling everyone, especially Mia what to do. Plus Mr. Gianini raised Mia's Algebra grade from an F to a D, she slow dance with Michael Moscovitz at the dance, and Iran bombed Afghanistan, so there wasn't a single picture of her and Josh kissing in any newspaper on the newsstand, since all the papers were filled with photos of war carnage (that's a good thing because if her father saw the picture he would freak out and Mia would of get in trouble).

  • English 8R - Homework Check (plzzzz read) -

    I'm ashamed of you, Laruen! You've copied some of this from Wikipedia!


  • English 8R - Homework Check (plzzzz read) -

    hum its rather good a bit rushed with minor grammar issues

  • English 8R - Homework Check (plzzzz read) -


    You copied most of that from Wikipedia!

    I just used my online plagiarism-tool :)

  • English 8R - Homework Check (plzzzz read) -

    Very obvious you have copied... we have all done it before... just put it in your own words (especially in the beginning)

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