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Which one of these samples contains the smallest number of molecules?

1.0 L of H2 at STP (0°C and 1atm)
1.0 L of N2 at 0°C and 800 torr
1.0 L of N2 at STP
1.0 L of He at STP
1.0 L of H2 at 20°C and 760 torr

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    I suppose the simplest thing to do is to calculate the number of mols of each although 1.0 L at STP will give the same number of mols no matter which gas is used.
    PV = nRT

    You can use reasoning if you wish. Note that n = PV/RT so when T is greater than standard T n will be greater and when P is larger than standard you know n will be larger. I figure the smallest one will be either c or d.

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