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mAth word problems

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Farmer Pete expects to sell 5000 pumpkins this season he charges $7.00 per pumpkin. HOw can he figure out the total revenue from the sale if his farming expenses cost him $16,700.00 this season?
would the answer be: 18,300.00 total revenue

Betty WItch flies to school every morning on her broom. She flies at sixteen miles per hour and it takes an hour to get there. She flies home at a speed of twenty four miles per hour. How long does it take her to fly home?

I don't know how to get this answere can you help me?

  • mAth word problems -

    revenue = 5000 * 7 = 35,000

    net income = revenue - expenses = 35,000-16,700 = 18,300

    16 miles at 24 miles/hour
    hours = 16/24 = 2/3 hour
    (2/3)(60) = 40 minutes

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