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A beetle whose mass is 2 g sits on a turntable at a distance of 12 cm from the center. The turntable is rotating at 33 rpm.

(a) What are its acceleration and the centripetal force on it?

a =______ m/s2

Fc=_____ N

(b) What is the interaction that provides the centripetal force? Select all that apply.

-the gravitational force
-the force of friction
-the force of the beetle on the turntable
-the concentration of the mind of the beetle

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    Ac = w^2 r = v^2/r

    w = 33*2pi radians in 60 seconds = 3.46 radians/s
    w^2 = 11.9
    Ac w^2 r = 11.9 * .12 = 1.43 m/s^2
    Fc = m Ac = .002 * 1.43 = .00286 N


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