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Anthony is building a toolbox with length 2 feet width 1 foot and height 3 feet. What are the dimensions of Anthony's box in inches?

Raquel and her family are moving from Portland Oregon to Seattle Washington. She is comparing annual rainfall to prepare for her move. Portland's annual rainfall is 3 1/2 feet. Seattle's annual rainfall is 37 in. Which city gets more rain?
They both get the same

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    For the question about the toolbox, I think you're supposed to give each dimension in inches.

    Rainfall? No, they don't both get the same.

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    And Portland gets more rainfall?

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    Now both are right. 3 1/2 feet = 42 inches

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    Krista lives 1/2 mile from school. Desiree lives 872 yards away from the school. Who lives closer? Explain.

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