7th grade science Ms. Sue please check

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Hi! Can you check my answers please and I need help on 4 and 5 I cannot find the answers!!!! Please help!


_____ transports materials within a cell and between cells and makes up ______ percent of most organisms.
(1 point)

Fat; 60

Protein; 40

Sugar; 75

Water; 50

Which of these measures will not help a viral infection? (1 point)

controlling animals that spread disease
improving sanitary conditions

Prokaryotic cells are found in (1 point)

plants and some protists.
only one-celled organisms.
animals and fungi.
only fungi.


_________, which are not found in plant cells, contain _______ to break down food and cell waste.
(1 point)

Chloroplasts; bacteria

Golgi bodies; cellular molecules

Lysosomes; digestive chemicals

Mitochondria; chemicals

A virus contains which of these parts? (1 point)

cell membrane
hereditary materials

My answers:
2. Water; 50
3. antibiotics
4. ??????
5. ???????
6. hereditary materials

  • 7th grade science Ms. Sue please check -

    4. only one-celled organisms.
    5. Lysosomes; digestive chemicals

    the rest are right

  • 7th grade science Ms. Sue please check -

    what is the question

  • 7th grade science Ms. Sue please check -

    number 5 is Lysosomes; digestive chemicals

  • 7th grade science Ms. Sue please check -

    Num 5 is A

  • 7th grade science Ms. Sue please check -

    Number 5 is C, Lysosomes; digestive chemicals and number 4 is B, only one celled organisms. I know they are right because I just took the quiz got them all right. :D

  • 7th grade science Ms. Sue please check -

    number 4 is c related

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