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Thermal Physics, Kinetic Theory of Gases

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Oxygen (O2) has a molar mass of 32 g/mol.

(e) Suppose an oxygen molecule traveling at this speed bounces back and forth
between opposite sides of a cubical vessel 0.10 m on a side. Find the average force it exerts on one of the walls of the container. (Assume that the molecule’s velocity is perpendicular to the two sides that it strikes.)

Eqn: F=(m(v^2/3))/d,
m=(0.032/6.022*10^23), v^2=2.34*10^5
I can't get the answer.

Ans: 1.25 x 10^ -19 N

(g) How many oxygen molecules traveling at this speed are necessary to produce an average pressure of 1 atm?

Eqn: PV=nRT or PV=1/3(Nmv^2) -> V=?, N=?

Ans: 8.1 x 10^21 molecules

(h) Compute the number of oxygen molecules that are actually contained in a vessel of this size at 300K and atmospheric pressure.

Ans: 2.44 x 10^22 molecules

  • Thermal Physics, Kinetic Theory of Gases -

    Your velocity is incorrect, it is too slow

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