posted by Sue

(x+1)/3 + (3x - 2)/4 = (x + 5)/8 - (7x - 1)/6 - 37/12
I need the steps please...I know the answer

  1. Steve

    first, look for a common denominator. LCM(3,4,8,6,12) = 24

    So, multiply it all by 24:

    8(x+1) + 6(3x-2) = 3(x+5) - 4(7x-1) - 74

    expand the terms:

    8x+8+18x-12 = 3x+15-28x+4-74
    8x+18x-3x+28x = 15+4-74-8+12
    51x = -51
    x = -1

  2. Sue

    Steve, I see it clearly now....thank you

  3. Steve

    After a few dozen more, these will be no problem.

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