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ap chemistry

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The energy change H associated with the
reaction NBr3(g) + 3H2O(g) ! 3HOBr(g) + NH3(g)is +81 kJ/mol rxn.
These bond energy values might be useful:O-H 459 kJ/mol; N-H 386 kJ/mol;O-Br 201kJ/mol. The strength of the N Br bond is

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    △H=bonds broken-bonds formed

    Broken Bonds:
    N-Br=3(X kJ/mol)
    Bonds Broken=2754kJ/mol + 3(X kJ/mol)

    Bonds Formed:
    N-H=3(386 kJ/mol)
    Bonds Formed= 3138kJ/mol

    +81kJ/mol=[2754kJ/mol + 3(X kJ/mol)]- 3138kJ/mol
    * resolve for X


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