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Each of the following objects has a radius of 0.174 m and a mass of 2.16 kg, and each rotates about an axis through its center (as in the table below) with an angular speed of 37.3 rad/s. Find the magnitude of the angular momentum of each object.
>Hoop of thin cylindrical shell I=MR^2
>Solid cylinder or disk I=1/2MR^2
>Long thin rod w/ rotation axis through center I= 1/12ML^2
>Solid sphere I=2/5 MR^2
>Thin spherical shell I=2/3 MR^2
>Long thin rod with rotational axis through end I=1/3ML^2
a. a hoop _______ kg*m^2/s
b. a solid cylinder ______kg*m^2/s
c. a solid sphere_________kg*m^2/s
d. a hollow spherical shell_____kg*m^2/s

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