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How would u put the sentence. La mere de Sylvie prepare une fete pour les amies de sa fille in futur proche?

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    Do you want that sentence translated into English?

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    Here it is in english.

    Sylvie's mother prepared a feast for friends of her daughter in the near future?

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    I really want to be a tutor because I speak French. I am from Canada. Is there any way I can be a tutor?

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    Anyone can post answers on Jiskha.

    However, these answers should be correct. Your translation is not absolutely correct because you've mixed up tenses.

    Our regular tutors are adults with college degrees.

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    Oh okay. :(

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    This is the answer to your question: La mère de Sylvie va préparer une fête pour les amies de sa fille.

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