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The monetary contributions that the owners of IBM pay for shares of the company's stock are ____ resources for IBM.

a. material
b. financial
c. human
d. informational e. manufacturing

Patents and copyrights confer value on a firm but do not exist physically. Thus, they are identified as
a. fixed assets.
b. prepaid expenses.
c. intangible assets.
d. current assets. e. owners' equity.

In the state in which it is incorporated, a business is known as a(n)
a. foreign corporation
b. public corporation.
c.domestic corporation.
d.resident corporation

Which of the following presents assets in the correct balance sheet order?
a. Accounts receivable, buildings, inventory, land
b. Buildings, prepaid expenses, inventory, equipment
c. Cash, inventory, equipment
d. Cash, land, accounts receivable, equipment
e. Marketable securities, equipment, prepaid insurance, inventory

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