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college algebra

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find the equation of the line in slope inntercept form. (-1,1) and (-2,1)

I know that I have to use
m=y^2-y^1/x^2-x^1 which is slope form

then I get: m=1-(1)/-2-10 which I substitue

m= ? is where I get lost

but then I know the next part is:
y=mx+b then I am lost from here on as well

Can someone please help me.

  • college algebra -

    First off, "^" is normally used for exponents, not subscripts.

    Note that since both points have the same y-coordinate, the line is horizontal, at y=1.

    Your work was good, since you got m=0. You got confused, but for no reason. A line with 0 slope is just a horizontal line y=k for some constant k.

    Now, if you get something like m=4/0, that is not defined, and is thus a vertical line.

    The first thing to check for is whether both points have the same x- or y-coordinate. If so, you're done.

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