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Calculate dy/dx, (x^3)(y^7) + 16xy^6=0

My ans is (y(-16-3x^2y))/ x(96+7x^2y) but at wolfram is y^6(3x^2y+16). Btw i use product rule to dy/dx.

Need someone to recheck my ans.

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    3x^2y^7 + 7x^3y^6y' + 16y^6 + 96xy^5 y' = 0
    y'(7x^3y^6+96xy^5) = -(3x^2y^7 + 16y^6)

    y' =
    -y^6 (3x^2 y + 16)
    xy^5 (7x^2 y + 96)

    y' =
    x(7x^2 y + 96)

    you are correct, and Wolfram agrees for me. If the answer you got was different, you must have mistyped it into Wolfram

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    Thanks guy

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