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Are my solutions right??

1. "There's someone knocking at the door! Who can it be at this time of night?" "___ Helen. She said she might come round to watch the midnight movie on TV."
A: That's going to be; B: That'll be; C: It's due to be.

I choose A and B

2."I've just received some new sales figures. ___ them very much, I'm afraid."
A: You're not going to like; B: You won't like; C: You're not liking

I choose B

3. Over the next six months, the company __ ten new supermarkets in France.
A: is going to open; B: will be opening; is opening

I choose A, B and C

4. ___ with this kind of problem before, I expect, so I'll leave you to get on with it.
A: You are going to deal; B: You are dealing; C: You'll have dealt

I choose B and C

5. According to sources close to the prime minister's office, the foreign minister ____.
A: is in the point of resigning; B: is due to resign; C: is about to resign

I choose B and C

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    2 can also be A.

    4 only C.

    I agree with your other answers.

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    6. Well, that's all for today. ___ you next week at the same time, if that's all right.
    A: I'm going to see; B: I'm seeing; C: I'll see

    I choose A; B, and C

    7. Next year ___ some time travelling, and then look for a teaching job.
    A: I'm speending; B: I'm going to spend; C: I'll spend

    I choose B and C

    8. The problem we have with Jack is that he ___ insist on opening all the windows in the cold weather.
    A: is going to; B: is about; C: will

    here I have no idea... going to is used for personal plan and intensions, when the cause of a possible event is present or for decisions about the future. Be about is used to describes what is going to happen very soon. And will for many things, like factual predictions, habits which the speaker disapproves, for an assumption taken from the facts....
    I think will fits best, but I sounds queer to me.

    9. There's not much bread, I'm afraid. I hope ___ eat it all before the others arrive!
    A: you won't; B: you aren't about to; C: you're not going to

    I choose A and C

    10. At this rate, by time we get to the party, most people ____.
    A: will leave; B: will have left; C: are on the point of leaving

    I choose A and C

    11. The riot police are running into square. There _____ trouble!
    A: is going to be; B: will be; C: is due to be

    I choose A, B and C

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    8. I like both A and C.

    10. I think B is best.

    I agree with your other answers.

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    thank you very much :)

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    You're very welcome.

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