7th grade math Ms. Sue ASAP please

posted by Delilah

Ms. Sue, sorry to keep bugging you with questions, but can you please check my answers? Sorry, I just want to get my answers correct when i turn it in thanks!

Four students work to find an estimate for square root 37. Who is closest to finding the true estimate? (1 point)

Rhonda: "Use square root 16 and square root 25 to estimate."
Ricardo: "I use square root 25 and square root 36."
Riley: "It should be between square root 36 and square root 49."
Rhiannon: "Use square root 49 and square root 64 to estimate."

Which of these nonterminating decimals can be converted into a rational number? (1 point)

0.48907542 . . .
0.02020202 . . .
0.92589542 . . .
0.10203040 . . .

Paul is painting a square wall with an area of 115 square feet. To the nearest foot, what is the length of the wall? (1 point)


Robbie draws a square with an area of 856 square inches. What is the approximate length, in inches, of one side of the square? (1 point)


Which statement is true? (1 point)

Every integer is an irrational number.
Every integer is a whole number.
Every square root is a rational number.
Every rational number can be written as a fraction.

My answers:
8.Rhonda: "Use square root 16 and square root 25 to estimate."
9. 0.02020202 . . .
10. 42
11. 29
12. Every rational number can be written as a fraction

  1. Reiny

    8. we know √36 = 6 and √49 = 7
    so √37 must be a bit more than 6 , but less than 7
    ---> so said Riley

    9 right

    10. √115 = appr 10.723..
    so to nearest foot it would be 11

    11 right

    12. right

  2. Ms.Sue

    good job deliah u always get them all right

  3. im just a girl that has no friends

    al lof them are right deliah

  4. Anonymous


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