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What is the old woman’s perspective on poverty as shown in these lines?

Poverty is, though wanting an estate, / A kind of wealth that none calumniate. / Poverty, often, when the heart is lowly, / Brings one to God and teaches what is holy, / Gives knowledge of oneself and even lends / A glass by which to see one’s truest friends.

A.Poverty is a choice and as such deserves respect.
(my answer) B.Poverty offers authentic spiritual and personal relationships.
C.Only through poverty can one recognize true friends.
D.God rewards those who live in poverty.

In “The Wife of Bath's Tale” from "The Canterbury Tales", while the knight is returning to the castle, he sees young maidens dancing in the woods. When he rides up, he finds only the old woman. What can you infer about the woman from these events?
A.She is blind and did not see him coming or she would have escaped.
B.She is an elf or fairy, and she has transformed herself into an old woman.
(my answer)C.She was too old and unable to slip away with the younger ladies.
D.She was sent by the queen to meet him in order to help him find the answer.

Thanks for the help! I'm really unsure about the 2nd one because it says the other girls just disappeared, so the only woman could be magical and made the mirage of many young girls to lure the knight.

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