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i am having problems understanding.... i don't know how to put it so i will just put what the problem is

Write the slope-intercept form of an equation of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the graph of each equation
13. (2,-7) y= x-2

i know that 2 and -7 is the slope to the line that i have to get the new line to be parallel to it.... if that makes sence... but please help!!!

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    in the y-intercept slope form
    y = mx + b
    the slope is m and the y-intercept is b

    (2, -7) is a point and tells you nothing about the slope.

    so the given line is y = x-2
    or y = 1x - 2, so you know the slope must be 1, since the two lines are to be parallel

    and the new line must look like
    y = 1x + b, where only the y-intercept or the b would have changed
    Now we plug in our new point (2,-7)
    -7 = 1(2) + b
    b = -9

    your new equation parallel to the old one is

    y = x - 9

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    ohhhhhh now i see ok can i do one and could you tell me if im right??

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    will be here for another 15 minutes

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    (2,-1) y=2x+2
    y=2x-5 <--- is this right?

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    yep. to check, just plug in (2,-1) and see whether it satisfies the equation. Since 2(2)-5 = -1, you're right on.

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    thank you sooooo much!!!!

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