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List the balanced net ionic equations for all reactions that you observed in this experiment. Use your observations to provide evidence for all successful reactions completed and products formed. Where applicable, list ions in their coordination complex form; for example, when Cu2+ exists as the hexaaquo complex, use [Cu(H2O)6]2+ (aq) in your equation. Note: The zinc cation also forms a hexaaquo complex in aqueous solution

1)Cu(NO3)2 added to NaOH and distilled water

2)Then putting the solution under heat to create a solid CuO

3)Then decanting the solution and keeping the solid CuO

4)Then adding HCl to the solids

5)Then adding NH3 to the solution

6)Then adding H2SO4 to the solution

7)Add .15g of zinc to the solution and stir until evolution of gas stops giving you Cu+ (s)

8)Wash the copper metal from step 7 with about 5mL of 95% ethanol.

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    This, with so many parts, will almost take a book (well, a chapter anyway). How much of this do you understand.?

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