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Rosa and Marty had the same amount of money.After Rosa spent $45 and Marty spent $117, Rosa had 4 times as much money as Marty. How much money did Rosa have at first?

I don't know the answer to this one so can you show me how you got your answer and what's your answer?

  • aig math -

    original amount of Rosa and Marty --- x

    after spending:
    Rosa --- x-45
    Marty --- x-117

    now Rosa has 4 times as much as Marty
    x-45 = 4(x-117)
    x-45 = 4x - 468
    -3x = -423
    x =141

    They both had 141

    check: after spending:
    Rosa had 141-45 = 96
    marty had 141-117 = 24
    Does Rosa have 4 times as much as Marty ??? YES!!

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