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being a member of the health team allows the pharmacy assistanr to?
(a)be a link between the doctor,the customer and the pharmacist
(b)recommend and dispense prescription drugs
(c)refer customers to a physician
(d)work without the supervision of a pharmacist

my answer is a

a pharmacy assistant who is busy unpacking goods when a customer enters the pharmacy should?
(a)ask the customer to browse until the task is finished
(b)acknowledge and serve the customer as soon as possible
(c)wait until the customer asks for help
(d)ask the pharmacist to look after the customer

my answer is b

the most important people to the success of a pharmacy are the ???
(d)pharmacy assistants

my answer is a

according to your study unit,the percentage of costomers that are handled by the pharmacy assistant is

my answer is d

when buying self-medication ,customers who seek the advice of a pharmacy assistant can be sure that?
(a)they are leaving the pharmacy with the right product
(b)the product will be more expensive elsewhere
(c)they will receive fast relief from their ailment
(d)they don't need to seek the advice of thier doctor

my answer is a

  • retail pharmacy assistant -

    They all look right -- except I don't know about the percentage problem.

    Incidentally, when I went to a pharmacy looking for something to treat a rash, the assistant immediately referred me to the pharmacist.

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