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In lowest terms, my numerator is 4 less than my denominator. Write 5 fractions 1 could be.

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    same old ...

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    What does same old means, can u please explain and let me know? Thanks

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    It means this one is along the same type as the others I have answered for you

    denominator --- x
    numerator ----- x-4

    fraction is (x-4)/x now put in some values of x

    x = 10 , fraction is 6/10
    x = 45 , fraction is 41/45

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    Reiny is correct about the equation you are looking for, but the examples are not quite what you want. The directions tell you "in lowest terms" that means your fraction has been reduced the farthest it can go and still be a fraction, and not a decimal.
    So the example of 6/10 would not be one of your five, because it can be reduced farther to 3/5 which does not fit your equation. So just keep plunging in numbers and checking until you have 5 that fit both criteria.

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    sorry , I misread the question

    you are looking for fractions such as
    1/5 , 3/7, 5/9, 7/11 , 11/15 etc

    notice the numerator is 4 less than the denominator,
    and the fraction cannot be reduced.
    (I picked primes for the top to avoid reducing to lowest terms)

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