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Based on the following chemical equation, answer the questions below. Show all your calculation

The balanced chemical reaction of iodine with hydrogen sulfide is as follows:

H2S(g)+I2(s)-----2HI(g) + S(s)

(a) Based on the above chemically balanced equation, how many grams of HI should be produced from the reaction of 25.0g of H2S when there is excess amount of I2?

(b) Actually 30.0g of HI is produced in this reaction, what is the percent yield of HI?

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    a. mols H2S = grams/molar mass
    Use the coefficients in the balanced equation to convert mols H2S to mols HI. That will be ?mols H2S x (2 mols HI/1 mol H2S) = ?mols H2S x 2/1 = ? mols HI
    Then convert mols HI to grams HI. grams = mols x molar mass. This is the theoretical yield (TY).
    b. Actual yield (AY) is 30.0 g.
    %yield = (AY/TY)*100 = ?

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