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Imagine his (plight,ingratitude) penniless unemployed and with a large family to support

After so many years of (strife strand) in business,politics, and the family he wants only to retire to the peace and quiet of his ranch

I knew that she was wrapped up in herself but I never dreamed that even she could be guilty of such (revocation ingratitude)

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    Two of the three are wrong.

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    The definition of "ingratitude" is "a lack of thankfulness". It would not make sense for someone in that scenario to have ingratitude. "Plight" means "a sorry condition or state", which makes a lot more sense in that question.

    The third question refers to her being "wrapped up in herself", which would imply that she was ingratious. The correct answer for that one is "ingratitude".

    The center question is correct as "strand" is a body of water, which doesn't fit the scenario.

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