Math Figure Logic

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1. Forty more than 24- Down ~ Nine more than 3-Down
Two less than I-Down 7q to ;;l = '"

7. Five times 14-Down

8. 3-Across times 16-Across .~ Four
less than 22-Down

11. Two hundred less than 28-Across 13. Same digit repeated

16. Consecutive digits in some order

17. Consecutive digits in some order 17. Three hundred less than 20-Across 20. 9-Across plus 23-Down

22. I5-Across plus 17 -Across

24. Consecutive digits in some order 25. 5-Down minus 7-Across

25. Sum of the digits of 25-Across

26. Consecutive digits in some order

27. Seven less than lO-Down
DOWN 6-Down minus 10-Down

2. One-third of 18-Down Five more than 6- Down

3. l3-Across plus 29-Across

4. Digits of 2-Down reversed
Consecutive digits in some order

10. One-half of l6-Across

11. 24-Across minus 8-Across

12. 1-Across times 29-Across

13. Consecutive even digits in some order 14. 29-Across times 19-Down

18. Thirty more than 21-Down
~ Fifty less than 5-Across r q

.21. 10-Down times ll-Down aq
~Four times 5-Across ,q - u. ~ 31~

23. 22-Down plus 24-Down 24. Two times 27 -Across

26. Three less than l5-Across

  • Math Figure Logic -

    Wow, I sure hope you were able to cut-and-paste this, and not have to type it.

    My suggestion:
    Fill in the entries according to the instructions given

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