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Q1) How many resonances are expected in the 13C NMR spectrum of propan-1-ol?
Q2) A student measures the EMF of the following electrochemical cell at 31oC in a solution that is 0.22 molL-1 in Hg2+ against a Saturated Calomel Electrode as the reference. The reduction potential of the Saturated Calomel Electrode is +0.244 V.

Hg2+ + 2e- ¨ Hg

The measured value is 0.556 V with the mercury as the cathode. What is the standard reduction electrode potential for mercury (in V) calculated from this measurement?
Q3) A student performs the reduction of a sample of 1.90 mL of acetone with 0.21 g NaBH4 and obtains 1.1 g propan-2-ol. The density of acetone is 0.79 gmL-1.The percentage yield of propan-2-ol based on the limiting reagent is ___ %

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