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what is the slant asymptote of the graph of the rational function and b use the slant to graph the rational function. f(x)x^2-x-20/x-6
a. y=? or either there is no slant rational function

B. use the slant asymptote to graph the function(first determine the symmetry of the graph of f)
*the graph has y-axis symmetry f(x)=f(x)
*the graph has orgin symmetry f(-x)=-f(x)
*the graph has both y-axis and orgin symmetry
*the graph has neither y-axis nor orgin symmetry

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    I used synthetic division and got

    (x^2 - x - 20)/(x-6)
    = x + 5 + 10/(x-6)

    so the slanted asymptote is
    y = x + 5

    b) we can't draw graphs on here

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