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organic chemistry II lab NMR

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Why do we only see four peaks in the 1H NMR when we have five CH2 groups and 2 OH groups?
a. There should be more peaks, but they peaks are overlapping in the spectrum.
b. Heptanedioic acid is a symmetrical molecule.
c. Heptanedioic acid is a chiral molecule.
d. Heptanedioic acid is an unsymmetrical molecule.

molecule is heptanedioic acid also known as pimelic acid.

triplet at 2.3 ppm, quintet at 1.55, quintet at 1.25
the hydoxyl hydrogens are not shown in the link below but would be an intense singlet at 9.4 ppm.

  • organic chemistry II lab NMR -

    The answer is b

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