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Service Price
Basic Lawn Mowing $20
Trimming and Sweeping $25
Pool Cleaning $50
Watering Plants $10

Prompt the user to input whether or not they want each of the services. You can assume the input will be a character that is either a 'y' or an 'n'. Print out the total of the bill. Write this as efficiently as you can, using as few comparisons and if statements as possible, no more than 4 if statements.

Example run:
Enter your choices as y or n.
Do you want Basic Lawn Mowing? y
Do you want Trimming and Sweeping? n
Do you want Pool Cleaning? y
Do you want Watering Plants? n

The total for your services is $70
Thank you for your business!

I'm having a little trouble with this problem. Anyone got any ideas

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