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Question as follows:
75.0g tartaric acid in 1 Liter is what molarity(moles/liter) mw=150.087 g/mol
25 ml tartaric solution is titrated with 31 ml ammonium.
What is the equation rearanged for normality of ammonium: starting with N1V1=N2V2
Final Answer N2=

THANKS! I can't wrap my head around this!

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    M = mols/L and mols = g/molar mass.
    Therefore, mols H2T(tartaric acid) = 75.0/150.087 = ?
    and M = mols/L.

    Nomality of H2T = 2*M
    Then 25*N H2T = 31*N NH3. Solve for N NH3.
    By the way I assume this is ammonia, the ammonium ion doesn't exist by itself.

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    Thank you DrBob222!

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