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Math Bar graphs

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Which would be the best way to display the data—a bar graph, a histogram, or a line graph?

I think a bar graph because it is more accurate. please help and tell me why you chose the one you chose.

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    What data?

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    Sorry, the table, not graphy, reads this :

    1998 45 in sales
    1999 5 in sales
    2000 15 in sales
    2001 30 in sales
    2002 50 in sales

    So I chose bar graphs would be becuase it would be more accurate. And could start it from zero counting by fines one up. What do you think?

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    Yes. A bar graph would illustrate this data very well.

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    Thank you!!!!

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    You're welcome.

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    Hey can you give me the answers for the rest of the test please??

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    What did you put for your answer? Because im thinking bar graph 2

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    What about the histograms and line graphs.

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