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Find the word that means the same or almost in parenthesis in this story

A range of factors (Motivated) immigrants to leave their homelands to come to America. Many sought to escape poverty or prejudice. Some wanted to follow dreams, such as promises of jobs, safe homes, or their farms. Others clung to exciting (illusions) about how grand life in America would be. Whatever the reasons, between 1892 and 1954, more than 12 million immigrants passed through the Federal immigration Center on Ellis Island in New York Harbor. There, beneath the welcoming arms of the Statue of Liberty a (diversity) of hopeful newcomers took their first steps on American soil. Many immigrants had spend as long as 2 miserable seasick weeks on the harsh ocean crossing. What a joy it must have been for these weary newcomers to step onto land. At Ellis Island, they were greeted by a (barrage) of languages sights and smells.
Not all immigrants arriving in NY entered through Elis Island. Those rich enough to travel as first or second class passengers did not have to wait and worry on the endless queues of the inspection process. These lucky ones had brief shipboard inspections and could exit right through the hustle and bustle to NYC.
The third class passengers had to endure many medical and legal inspections. Lucky ones might complete the Ellis Island process in about 5 hours. Inspectors checked legal papers and asked questions about the immigrants family and (vocation). The process was nerve racking but nearly 98% of new arrivals were let into the US when it was over. Vistors to the Ellis Island immigration museum today can retrace the footsteps of those immigrants. they can pass through the great hall which was restored in the 1980s. They can see photographs documents and precios possessions and hear recordings of immigrants sharing their experiences.
Motivated: prompted,angered,dissuaded,confined

Illusions: realities,fantasies,stories,notes


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    Right, as usual!

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    Barrage:landscape bombardment scarcity scene

    Queues:crowds lines questions process

    Vocation: friends hobbies background occupation


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