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Writing with Possessive Nouns
Directions Use possessive nouns or strong nouns to replace each capital lettered phrase.

My horse's saddle is made of leather.

1.When I stay at the farm, I do many JOBS THAT INVOLE WORKING AND HELPING.

2.Last week I rose on the high-speed tractor THAT MY UNCLE OWNS.

3. By the end of the day I reall enjoyed having time left for SITTING AROUND AND DOING NOTHING.

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    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    When I stay at the farm, I do many working and helping job's.

    Last week I rode on the high speed tractor my uncle owns

    By the end of the day I really enjoyes having time left for relaxation

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    No. You need to go back and study possessive nouns and pronouns.

    1. When I stay at the farm, my jobs involve working and helping.

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