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Read each sentence then underline the helping verbs and circle the main verbs

1.Books do furnish a room
helping:do main:furnish

2.I am walking to school these days
helping:am main:walking

3.The water line must have burst.
helping:must have main:burst

4. I have told him not to call again
helping:have main:call

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    All are correct except for 4.

    The main verb is told.

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    5.Reminders were sent out last week
    helping:were main:sent

    6.Jolene will be decorating the gym for the costume contest
    helping:will main:decorating

    7.Clarence should have started his research earlier
    helping:should have main:research

    8.May I ask for volunteers?
    helping:May main:ask

    9.Raphael has been practicing karate since the age of ten
    helping:has main:practicing

    10.Your hard work will not be wasted
    helping:will main;wasted

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    6. You're missing a helping verb.

    7. Wrong main verb

    9., 10. Missing a helping verb

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    6 the helping verb is will
    7 main started?
    9 my helping is has and my helping for 10 is will

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    6. will be

    7. Yes

    You have one correct helping verb, but 9 and 10 each has 2 helping verbs.

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    Has been and will not for 9 and 10

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    has been -- yes

    9. will be

    Please note that not is an adverb and never a helping verb.

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    Do you mean 10 will be? Since 9 is has been

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    I had this same honeworj, help a lot

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